Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How does one fix broken words when your heart has been broken.

I may say I'm sorry a thousand times, but it still doesn't change what I might have said or done.The action was made and the moment has past. Now where do I go from here. Life has unwritten rules, I used to say. This was my excuse for myself or someone else when things went wrong or did't feel right. But now I think differently. I'm a child of God and a student of His Word. There is the Holy Bible. Many stories have been told and the Law is written according to his Word. I believe in him for he gave his only begotten son for our sins and salvation. Though we make mistakes (sin), God forgives Us. Anger does not forgive or forget, but Jesus does. How do we fix broken words when our hearts have been broken? We look at God. Jahi

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