Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Voice Travels To Find

There are many people, places and things that lay in the valley of my mind. Warm is my present when I send my words of comfort to the heart of those who are listening or watching me move. Like food for the soul, I serve you my Family a Gift from God. I hope I touch you like the wind that's unseen put always around. Please be full but not afraid. I'm a Gentle Giant with Bear Fur. Sometimes my words are heavy only to build thought or light like a snack for taste. Come to my soup kitchen, I will serve you everyday. The bread is better when dip with spread. I love every Bus Stop, Train Station or Airport I see 'cause they put me in a state of mind for writing and allow my eyes to see. The gifts that life bring when one feel's free. Let's travel-let one's voice be heard. I have my Passport and the Holy Word. Thank You Lord. Jahi

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