Monday, December 14, 2009

Scared- 12.9.06

He’s scared
“I don’t want to complicate things”
I’m telling you this because…
I’m feeling you
And I’m scared.
Don’t be scared
I want to say…
Because even though it feels uncertain
One thing that’s certain is that
God is in control.
Keep God in control
And we don’t have to worry about being out of control.
He will lead and guide
Into all things that are true
So when we’re feeling scared
We must remember that
God has not given us a spirit
Of fear…
Don’t be scared.
But of love
You’ve always loved me
So don’t stop now.
To prosper
To be healthy
To reveal His glory in our lives
And a sound mind.
Lord help us to be content.
Help us to trust you.
Help us to let go.
Release us oh Lord from the
Bondage of Fear.
Help us to not be scared.

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